Wednesday, November 16, 2011


I don't get it. I can read the posts but can't make comments on anything. I even changed my settings and was hoping it would work but NO, it still won't let me make a comment on anyone's blog. I feel like giving up on this whole computer thing.

Friday, November 4, 2011


My 92 year old mother who lives in a mobile home part lives alone. She has a neighbor who checks on her, I think she's in her 70's. she brings over her paper for my mother to read and they spend time talking some times after the neighbor gets home from her part time job. She also drives my mother to my house every Wednesday to help me take care of things around my house since I have become disabled and some things are hard for me to do, but my 92 year old mother has no problem doing them. Her family have all lived long healthy lives, some over 100. Anyway my sister is visiting for a few days and staying with my mother. This morning she called and said my mother was worried about the neighbor cause her inside light was on all night and she had not brought over the paper. They found her on the floor, she'd had a massive stroke and laid there all night in the cold cause the door was open and it was cold last night. I have been trying to get my mother to get an emergency pendent, even though I call every morning and my sister calls every evening, but she refuses. She is very upset by what has happened butI hope it will let her see that even if you have someone right next door you still might not be found for awhile. Seniors and disabled people are alone a lot of the time, I wish more people would befriend them so they aren't so alone. I know my mother well and I know she will still not get an emergency pendent .