Friday, September 18, 2009


This morning I was putting away wash when I heard a commosion in the back yard. I have a bird feeder and usually there are quite a few birds out there. Sometimes Paul's cat, Boingo likes to get himself a snack at this buffet. The birds were going crazy in the butterfly bush almost screaming so I looked out. There was a huge hawk sitting on the awning of my swing about 10 feet from the feeder. I grabbed the camera and got a fuzzy picture (I wanted to show Terry but he was on the other side of the house and missed it all). Then along comes Boingo and he looks at the hawk. His first look was like "get away these are my birds to eat" his second look was like "yum, you would make a good meal" and the hawk took off.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

going out

I get to go out and get my hair cut today. My sister is here from Nevada and she wants to get her hair cut too. And hurray it's not so hot today!